Maize South Boys Basketball

MSHS Boys Basketball Team Store 2022-23, STATE BOUND!!!

This store will be opened from 3/5/23 - 3/6/23 @ NOON. This store will be produced after the closing date and returned to your team representative before the first state game.


Local Delivery: This option is in shipping, you must select shipping first. USE THIS OPTION FOR STATE SHIRTS, We use this option as Organizational Delivery. We will deliver your order to your stores representative and they will distribute orders that have selected Local Delivery. This is the only way to get you your shirt before your state game!

Shipping: DO NOT CHOOSE SHIPPING FOR YOUR STATE TEES. It will not get to you before your state game.

All items on this store are a little "better than basic", we like to pick quality garments and provide a quality product. Let us know if you have any questions about a garment.

*Items that have youth options will list youth sizes when clicking on the item.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection